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Bhahea edulis b_edulis.jpg
Guadalupe palm, looks very similar to a young Mexican fan palm, therefore not a lot of value, becoming more popular.

Phoenix robelenii robelenii_web.jpg
Pygmy date palms
are common and as the name implies, small often growing in multi trunk form, size and configuration may give it some value.

Trachycarpus fortunei tracycarpus.jpg
Mexican windmill palm
, smaller variety of palm, easy to move therefore some value.

Brahea armata
Blue hesper palm
, not commonly used in landscapes, poor transplant success rate.

Butia capitata butia_web_2.jpg
Pindo palm, very common and fast growing. Older specimens tend to develop pockets of decay in the trunk detracting from the value. 

Phoenix canariensis phoenix_canary_web.jpg
Canary Island date palm: These are one of the larger palm varieties and are in big demand in high end commercial landscape projects.The physical size and weight of these trees make them very expensive to move and therefore limit resale. Ty Warner, the Beanie Baby/hotell magnate developed insatiable appetite for this variety in his new projects may soon put it on the “high value” list.